Monday, February 22, 2010

Statewide Call for Artwork & Poster Competition

Create artistic solutions for pressing socioeconomic issues!
Free and Open to All Ages:
2009 Art Show Poster:
2009 Matching Bookmark:
Poster Contest a School Project with 200 students (Herald Journal):
2010 Poster Competition Submission Check List:
Enquiries welcome at Tel: 435-787-1303 or email:
Radio Interview in Cross Talk with Jennie Christensen on 2/17:
Radio Producer Job Opening
Accommodation OfferAsk for The Little Bloomsbury Special at 
The Anniversary Inn, Tel: 435-752-3443, 169 E Center St Logan UT 84321, and 
Seasons at the Riter Mansion, Tel: 435-752-3443, 168 N 100 E Logan UT 84321